Sophie the Christmas Puppy, Part 2

Sophie has finished the third round of “Puppy Strangles” treatment!  She has been off her meds for about two weeks.  Cross your fingers that this was the final treatment!

In the meantime, Sophie never knew she was sick.  She is a social butterfly, and a great sportswoman. 

Gilligan, Susie Q., and Sophie the Christmas Puppy.


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A Happy Ending to Harold’s Tale

A few days ago we posted Harold’s Tale about a handsome kitten in a gray and white tuxedo.  If you missed it, you can read more about Harold by clicking here.

Sometimes finding a home for an animal doesn’t just mean waiting for the perfect person to come along.  Sometimes you have to go out after them. 

For example, when we first saw Harold, he reminded us of another gray fluffy young male kitten.  That kitten had been taken in by a family who only wanted a gray fluffy one, and they loved him very much.  Their hearts were broken when the kitten passed away during a routine neuter surgery. 

We called them and asked them to come by to look at Harold.  They did come to look, and then they left.  They came again after a few days, and then they left.  Finally, the third time was the charm, and they decided to commit to taking Harold home. 

Fuzzy little Harold is now Furby, and he is adored by all who meet him.

Congratulations, Furby!  We wish you well!

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Gilligan’s Tale

Big, sweet Gilly.

Gilligan was found by a local gentleman at a rural boat landing on the Savannah River.  He was in sad shape.  His ribs were showing, and he was covered in ticks.  The man took Gilly home until he could figure out what to do with him.  After several months, the man knew that he could no longer keep Gilligan.  He already had over ten dogs, for he himself attempted to rescue dogs where he could.  The man called us, and we agreed to keep Gilligan long enough to rehab him and then contact the local shelter to turn him in. 

Gilly is social with people and pets.

Gilligan tested postive for heartworm about five months ago.  We have been using a slow-kill method of heartworm treatment on him.  He is progressing well, and he has been neutered and is up-to-date on vaccinations.  He will not be able to go to the shelter since he is heartworm positive. 

  • Gentle
  • Social
  • Sweet
  • Good eater
  • Neutered
  • On monthly heartworm prevention
  • Up-to-date on vaccinations
  • Waiting for you….
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For Adoption: Fluffy Harold

Hello to Harold!

Once upon a time, there was a fluffy, nameless kitten.  

Handsome Harold.

 This nameless, fluffy kitten was taken in by an elderly couple who already had an elderly dog and an elderly cat. 

The elderly woman had asthma, and her doctor had already told her to get rid of the elderly dog and the elderly cat.  She refused, for she knew she would most likely have to turn them into an animal shelter where they most likely would not be adopted, and would possibly be euthanized. 

And yet she and her elderly husband took in this fluffy, friendly kitten.

Harold: "A window with a screen. Pure bliss. And the toy and the treat aren't so bad, either."

The elderly couple called a local cat lady to ask for help.  After all, with animal rescue, it’s all about the networking.


The cat lady contacted one of us at Tail-E-Wags, and we decided that we had room for one more smallish, sweet kitten.  With a few donations, we were able to have Harold tested for leukemia (negative!), neutered, and vaccinated. 

 He’s ready for a home!  Could it be with you? 

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Sophie the Christmas Puppy’s Tale


Sophie is an adorable mix of Beagle and Jack Russell Terrier.  She was born about 8 weeks before Christmas, 2011, the runt of a large litter.  She appeared to be a perfect Christmas present for a family with two girls. 

Right after Christmas, Sophie was diagnosed with Puppy Strangles, an autoimmune disease that is not contagious.  Her owners were unable to care for her, and relinquished her to us. 
You can watch a YouTube video of Sophie by clicking here.

Sophie is available for adoption now to an owner who will be cognizant of her needs.  She is, as of today, on her third round of medication for Puppy Strangles.  It is not unusual for a puppy to have a relapse, and will eventually outgrow the condition.

Sophie is good with kids, cats, dogs, and both men and women. 

She’s spayed and up-to-date on her vaccinations. 

She’s playful and social, and has never met a stranger.

Sophie is taking monthly heartworm prevention, intestinal parasite prevention, and flea prevention.

What’s stopping you from adopting her?
Call Tail-E-Wags Grooming and Boarding in Ridgeland, South Carolina, at 843-726-9247(WAGS)!

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Our Tale


We’re here to tell the tale.

We’re the folks at Tail-E-Wags, a grooming and boarding facility in Ridgeland, South Carolina.  It all started simply enough.  We bought an existing grooming business that also offered limited boarding and sold limited retail items.

Since that day on July 7, 2011, we have had various and assorted animals enter our doors in search of adoption.  That was not part of our business plan, but indeed it has become part of our reality.

“Tail-E-Wags, Too!” was created to tell the stories of those animals looking for furever homes.

Interested in adopting one of our adoptable pets?  Contact us!  Our contact information can be found by clicking on the “About Us / Contact Us” tab at the top of the page.

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